Aaron Coleman Music

I fell in love with piano while learning Fur Elise by Beethoven when I was 7 years old. My teacher asked me if I was ready for a challenge, and without knowing what I was getting myself into, I said, "Yes!" With a serious look on his face he said he was not going to put all the work into teaching me a piece like this unless I was committed to learning it all the way through, even through the tough parts. Determined to learn the song and not fail my teacher, I committed to the hard work of practicing and finishing the piece through to the end. When my teacher went to the music store he asked for the full version of Fur Elise, and when they asked how old his student was, he told them 7 years old. The surprised look on their face prompted him to explain that he believed his student would finish the piece because his student had assured him that he was committed to learn it all the way through to the end.

It was my teacher's confidence in me that inspired me to finish Fur Elise and I continue studying piano to this day. With years of practice and study under many skilled teachers, I was able to earn the Clarence Burg Achievement Award in high school, played concerts throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, and Colorado, played a concert at the Oklahoma State capital and received a commendation from the governor, studied under renowned musician/writer Bruce Greer, and an internship under 3-time Dove Award winning musician Gary Rhodes.

If my students commit to studying, practicing, and attending lessons, they can then expect from me the same level of commitment and confidence my teacher gave me all those years ago.