What will you learn?

After 25 years of learning the piano, I have had many great lessons from a variety of amazing teachers, but the lesson that has had the most impact on me was when I was 7 years old. I was in the middle of playing a song, and although I did not play the notes wrong, my teacher abruptly stopped me, had me face him, and he began to teach me about the importance of playing music from the heart. Learning theory and technique is crucial, but if music is played without soul, it is only notes on a page. Music played from the heart leaps off the page and touches all who hear it. What does it take to play the piano? Playing from the heart is the key.

Aaron Coleman Music

Who can learn to play?

Whether you are young or older than young; whether you are someone with special needs; whether you have any musical experience or not; Anyone can learn!

What does it take to play the piano?
Three rules for students:
Come to lessons.  Practice.  Have fun!

To have a solid foundation for your musical education, you will learn piano theory, technique, and the importance of consistent practice. This will help develop a deeper appreciation and love for music. When you have that love for music, learning and practicing will become fun and something you look forward to. And when you consistently practice what you learn, the progress you experience will encourage you to keep pouring yourself into the music.